Dimar Woodworking Tools

Dimar is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of wood cutting tools for industry, construction and the professional woodworker.
Our products are sold to over 55 countries under the Dimar brand and also to leading OEM companies. We have built our reputation on manufacturing high quality industrial products, delivering solutions to the market and offering outstanding customer service.

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Woodworking Tools & Accessories in Australia

Working with woodworking tools require time and patience, but not anymore with our superior range of woodworking tools in Australia, which let you cut, size and carve timber, fast and accurately.

Whether you are looking for drilling and sawing tools or high-precision compatible accessories for CNC operations, we make sure our clients get custom made CNC router bits in Australia, even if we have to invent them.

Featured Tools

Dimar manufactures a complete range of tools for all types of commercial and industrial applications. We are committed to our vision of becoming a global leader in this field, and to get there, we are continually ensuring superior quality in our products.

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Sawing Tools

Made of advanced grades of carbide and coated using Electro Static process, our saw blades stand up to the most demanding cutting requirements. These tools are made on high-precision grinding machines to ensure correct balance and tension in the blades.

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We use only high-quality carbide steel to manufacture CNC tools for industrial cutting requirements. We use DnamicTM solid carbide spiral tools that ensure longevity and optimum performance on CNC machines.

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We manufacture and provide drilling solutions for the woodworking industry. All tools are made of carbide grade steel and are PTFE coated for extended life. Our product-range includes dowel drills, countersinks and boring bits, complete with an array chucks and adaptors.

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Get the complete range of router bits for all types of industrial applications. Made of exclusive Dnamic TM grade carbide using high-tech grinding process to ensure precision and extended life.

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We offer a superior range of custom tools for industrial cutting operations. Or you can choose from our range of brazed cutters that come with over 200 variations of profile knives. All tools are designed to deliver precision that professional cutting operations seek.

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Advanced Materials

We offer a superior range of cutters, circular saws and router bits, which are designed for high-precision carving, sizing and engraving of solid materials, such as aluminum and plastic. These high-quality tools ensure smooth, durable finish on the cutting edge.

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Why Dimar?

  • Research and development at Dimar operates a three-tier process. Firstly, we work with leading materials manufacturers to ensure that latest advances in materials such as carbide, are introduced to our product development process.
  • Secondly, our purpose built R&D laboratory is continually testing the latest materials that require cutting. The R&D team will monitor and test the and offer solutions to the market. Additionally, the team is focused on developing new tools that can offer new ideas to industry for producing goods.
  • Finally, the R&D team with loan24.com.ua work closely with our production engineers to ensure that our manufacturing facility can make new tools quickly and in a cost effective manner. Our production engineers have their own facility that will allow them to make changes to current production or they can custom-build machinery to suit the particular application required.
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