Compression Cutters & Countersink in Australia

Complete drilling solutions for the woodworking industry, including dowel
drills, boring bits and countersinks.
• Adapted carbide grade for extended life
• PTFE coated dowel and through hole drills
• Solid carbide drills
Full solution complimented with a range of chucks and adaptors.

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drillingDrill bits, Compression cutters, dowel drills, boring bits and countersinks – Complete drilling solutions for the woodworking industry

People are increasingly using carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) and other composite materials for critical aerospace, automotive and wind turbine components. They appreciate composites because those materials are strong, light and thermally stable. Machinists, on the other hand, sometimes struggle to effectively mill and drill composites because the materials possess atypical properties that require special machining practices.

For example, composites are highly abrasive, which means cutting tool life can be quite low. In addition, the low-thermal-conductivity materials do not produce sizeable chips that carry heat away from a workpiece during machining. Thus, the wrong tool (or a worn one) can cause the material’s resin to burn or melt, damaging what is often a costly workpiece at that stage of production. And because composites consist of layers of fibrous material bound by resin, they are prone to delamination and splintering as they are machined.

Dimar Australia, offers six-flute composites cutting tools and compression cutters with specific geometries and coatings to overcome these machining challenges. Dimar’s “compression cutters” have intersecting up-cut and down-cut spiral flutes that push individual composite layers together during machining to prevent the layers from separating from each other. This action prevents delamination from occurring at the outermost material layers. It also averts delamination of inner layers, which can be a less noticeable workpiece imperfection.

The compression cutters feature high positive rake angles to deliver sharp, clean cuts that minimize heat to prevent resin from burning. Similarly, a full eccentric relief angle prevents the edges of a tool from rubbing as they cut to reduce machining heat. A diamond film (CVD) coating over a carbide tool substrate offers protection against the wear caused by highly abrasive composites, extending tool life.

Dimar currently offers these tools as customs, but a standard product line will be available in 2010. This standard line will initially be offered in 3/8- and 1/2-inch-diameter versions, but other sizes are likely to be added.

Some of the features of our compression cutters and countersinks are

• Adapted carbide grade for extended life
• PTFE coated dowel and through hole drills
• Solid carbide drills

Fully complimented with a range of chucks and adaptors.

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