Cutting Tools & Cutter Heads in Australia

Dimar is the one-stop destination where you can buy manual and CNC cutting tools in Australia. With a variety of standard and bespoke cutting tools matched to your requirements and budget, we have something for every industrial application.

Our range of cutting tools includes cutter heads for pneumatic tools as well as CNC machines for high-precision cutting operations.

All our tools are made of carbide steel to ensure durability and prolonged life. Designed for the most demanding industrial applications, our cutting tools are trusted by professionals across the country and the world.

Using our advanced tools, our clients stay at the cutting edge and continually aspire to innovate in their respective niches.

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cuttingHuge range of cutter heads are designed and manufactured in our production facility. The latest technology in advanced CAD/ CAM software linked through a network of machine tools, allows for extreme versitiliy in the custom design process. Our engineers and production team take pride in their ability to provide effective custom tooling solutions for the most demanding custom applications.

A comprehensive range of shaper standard and custom cutting tools for industrial and professional use.
• Cutter with replaceable knife system for industrial applications
• Diversified range of brazed Cutters, designed to provide high precision.
• Multi-profile system containing over two hundred variations of profile knives.


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