About us

Dimar Cutting Tools specializes in the manufacture of high-quality tungsten carbide woodworking tools for the woodworking industry, sawshops, cabinet makers and hobbyists. It was founded in 19xx and over the years has accumulated vast experience and technological know-how. It is now recognized as one of the leading companies in its field.

Quality Assurance

Quality leads the way at Dimar. Tools are made to comply with stringent quality standards and the company’s products are recognized for their high quality. The raw material is an important component of the quality of the tools. Dimar Cutting Tools ensures that the raw material is purchased from the leading suppliers in the world. The quality control process is done according to the Mil Standard – required as per ISO 9001-2000 in order to make sure that the products are uniform and of the highest quality. In planning and producing the tools, Dimar follows safety standards that are among the most rigorous in the wood industry — the EN847 and HOLZ BG standards.

Dimar Router Bits OverviewDimar_Prod_296473_

Since 19xx, Dimar Cutting Tools has been producing router bits and has become the global leader in its field. In fact, the company was the first manufacturer to produce router bits according to the Holz BG German standard for safety and quality. This standard contains rules that determine the structure and quality of the tool’s material in order to create the safest environment for the user.

From its beginning, Dimar  has always used the highest quality materials, and its tools are produced using unique technologies, a majority of which were developed and built by the company’s engineers following decades of testing and experience.

For example, Dimar  uses carbon alloy steel for its router bits that contains vanadium particles. This improves the structural integrity of the steel and prevents corrosion and defects in the internal structure of the material that can lead to cracks and breaks.

High-tech machinery processes the carbon alloy steel to manufacture the router bodies in a single clamping. This yields router bits with superior balance, centricity, precision and symmetry.

The carbide used by Dimar is supplied by xxxxxxxx, the leading carbide producers in xxxxx. All of the company’s carbide grades, many of which are exclusive to Dimar, comprise sub-microscopic grain particles that create a finer edge for long-lasting performance, which is twice that of most standard carbide tools in the market. The carbide tips are then brazed onto the router bits using a fifty percent silver weld by machines also built especially for Dimar Cutting Tools.

Grinding is done with a sophisticated CNC machine in a single clamping, resulting in higher quality and precision in the finished tool.
Delicate grain wheels are used to grind a cutting edge in the special harder grade carbide without creating microscopic cracks or breaks that could weaken the tool.

All products are then laser etched with essential information for the tool’s use, such as RPM range and clamping depth. Laser etching ensures that this information cannot be erased through normal tool use.

Dimar Saw Blades Overview

abtAll of Dimar carbide-tipped Saw Blades have fully ground saw bodies hardened to RC-44 (Rockwell ‘C’ scale). The extra large European-style carbide tips are fully ground on the top, face and side to the highest surface quality finish, conforming to ISO grade N-4.
The Industrial Series Saw Blades are produced to conform to the strict tolerances of German DIN 5134 and DIN 8083, ensuring that these saw blades are equal to those of the highest quality anywhere in the world.

Fully automatic machines braze the carbide tips, achieving a tensile strength of 40kg/sq.mm. Optimum brazing temperatures are checked automatically by an infra-red detector. Due to advanced manufacturing techniques, most saw blades have laser-cut plates. See our new DITEC 2000TM high-performance blades.