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Cutting Blades for Metals, Plastic & Timber in Australia

A comprehensive range of circular saws, cutters and router bits for
processing on plastic, aluminum and solid surface materials.
• Tools for sizing, carved routing and surface engraving of
• Sizing and carve routing of aluminum.
• Tools for cutting and routing solid surface material.
Carbide type, tool geometry, grinding and cutting edge finish giving longer lifetime and superior cutting quality.

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A comprehensive range of cutting blades are available which includes circular saws, cutters and router bits for processing on different metals, plastic and timber.

Dimar Australia offers a range of carbide tipped cutting blades are specifically designed to easily cut through a wide variety of ferrous metals, plastic and timber. The special grade of carbide used in the Dimar cutting blades outlasts ordinary carbide and abrasive discs. The unique tooth design allows these blades to excel at cutting through many types of ferrous metals.

Cut through steel and other tough materials faster than ever. Unique combinations of metallurgy and blade configurations are tailored for peak performance in specific applications.

Designed specifically for contractors, the cutting blades feature specially designed carbide and tooth geometry for cutting steel studs and sheets. The thin-kerf of these cutting blades reduces waste and hp requirements.

Non-Ferrous Carbide tipped cutting blades

We carry non-ferrous carbide tipped saw blades for cutting aluminum, copper, brass, bronze and lead.

The Non-Ferrous Metal cutting blade is available in two configurations: one for cutting thick-walled aluminum and the other designed specifically for thin-walled aluminum bars and extrusions. These special aluminum cutting saw blades are designed with a 6 degree negative hook angle and a thick plate and when used with a coolant or wax they produce an incredibly smooth finish.

For the budget-minded Dimar offers it’s Series of Non-Ferrous thick-walled and thin-walled material saw blades. With their thick plates and negative hook angle you’ll get superior results at an affordable price. Contractors will appreciate the quality and price of the thin-kerf Non-Ferrous cutting blades.

Under certain conditions, these Non-Ferrous saw blades can also be used to cut other difficult materials, such as Plastic, PVC, and Fiberglass®.

Some of the features of our range of cutting blades are

• Tools for sizing, carved routing and surface engraving of plastics.
• Sizing and carve routing of aluminum.
• Tools for cutting and routing solid surface material.

Carbide type, tool geometry, grinding and cutting edge finish giving longer lifetime and superior cutting quality.

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