CNC Routing Services in Sydney, Australia

Dimar is one of the leading experts in CNC routing in Sydney and Australia-wide. If you want to carve a product out of metal or timber, CNC routing is the most convenient way to achieve smooth edges and cutting precision.

Whether it's CNC timber cutting or metal engraving, we offer bespoke solutions to turn your ideas into reality. We can start with as little as a concept outlined on a piece of paper.

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CNC Routers for Sale in Australia

Dimar provides CNC routers for sale in Australia for a variety of industrial applications. These CNC routers are manufactured using DynamicTM grade carbide, which renders superior strength and durability to the tool.

We manufacture a wide variety of router bits for processing timber, aluminium, plastic, fibreglass and other hard surfaces that need to be handled with care and precision.

In case you are not sure which router bit would be the best fit, let us know your purpose, and our experts will help you choose the most suitable router bit profile.

CNC Timber Cutting Australia

Dimar provides high-quality routing bits for CNC timber cutting in Australia. With our durable range of CNC tools, we help woodwork businesses maximise productivity and advance precision into their products.

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